Butterfly tub V2A

Stainless steel tub with UWM option


Butterfly tub V2A

The ideal tub for excercise routine and manual underwater massage. It is ergonomically shaped for excercise routines in the water. Due to the butterfly shape the tub enables almost unlimited sweeping arm- and leg excercises, especially in the early stage of rehabilitation. When choosing the UWM option, the tub comes with a build-in high capacity pump 210 l/min with pressure control valve 0-5 bar.

Benefits for patient and therapist

  • Almost unlimited excercise space
  • Clearance height for free access with patients lifts
  • High stability, with 5 adjustable aluminium feet
  • Different air-jet systems

Technical specifications

Outside dimension ( L x W x H )
2.320 mm x 2.020 mm x 860 mm
Inside dimension ( L x W x H )
1.800 mm x 1.800/1.100/520 mm x 600 mm
1.200 l

Available options*

  • Dry-running protection
  • Air-jet Whirl System Type 10l
  • Air-jet Whirl System Type 20l
  • Head support
  • Stair with 2 steps