The practical guide.

With over 50 years experience and in cooperation with planners, architects, nursing staff and decision-makers, we have been able to accumulate a wide range of knowledge in applying resources from around the world. We created this mobility guidebook as an excellent tool for our customers and partners. This guidebook was developed as a result of intensive international research, scientific studies on the topic of “Mobility and planning of work areas”, and a close practical cooperation with nursing staff and specialists in Germany and abroad. It offers support for the optimal planning of workspaces and the grouping of mobility classes and is also intended as a guide for the correct application of mobility tools.

Caregivers and residents.

Critical to the selection of technical aids is the correct assessment of your residents with regards to their level of mobility and activity. The BEKA Hospitec Mobility Groups serve decision-makers as a reliable resource to assess the tools which make the most sense. Our guidebook will help you understand the mobility groups and learn how to associate them with the residents.

Using improper tools and procedures can represent an enormous health risk while transferring residents. We clarify these points and demonstrate with practical instructions how to reduce this risk for caregivers!

Mobility tools for safe patient transfer.

Learn about the main types and functions of mobility tools for lifting, transferring and mobilizing residents.

We present our extensive product portfolio, which includes mobile lifters, toilet, bathing and transfer slings, bathing lifts, changing tables and stand-up aids.

We can also support you with planning your residents mobilisation.

Practice transfer tasks with instructions.

Safe patient handling is one of the core tasks in daily care. In our guide we summarize considerations and preparations for various types of transfers and support you with detailed step-by-step instructions.

For example, these include various sling attachment techniques, the transfer between a bed, chair and floor, as well as the mobilisation with bath lifters during bathing.