AVERO Motion

Unique seat and reclining tub

The concept of the AVERO Motion is to simplify bathing or showering, to support the mobility of the residents and to offer the possibility of a relaxing full size bath. The large opening door makes it possible for mobile or partially mobile residents to enter the tub independently. Mobile residents are especially pleased to have an independent entry to a full bath, without the use of any equipment. The unique design of the AVERO Motion allows for optional placement in the bathing room.

Note: Compatibility with Mobility Group 4 is only in conjunction with a passive hoist system.

  • Ergonomical sitting and lying shape prevents slipping
  • Flat door area without edges = easy transfer with the wheelchair
  • Comfortable inside dimensions for larger residents
  • Large pre-filling volume of 98l allowing residents to be immediately surrounded by warm water, after tilting the tub into horizontal position
  • Fast tub filling with ca. 55l per minute at 3 bar / 14.53 gal per minute at 45.5 psi
  • Group 1 compatible
  • Group 2 compatible
  • Group 3 compatible
  • Group 4 compatible
  • Group 5 compatible

BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

AR-Model AVERO Motion

Use Augumented Reality to bring the AVERO Motion into your care bathroom! The AR function provides a realistic impression of our products and allows you to view them in a real context. Please note that the AR design is a simplified representation of our products and colors, textures as well as details may differ from the product.

View in AR

Scan this QR-code to see the product in augmented reality.

Technical specifications

Tub length (entry position / tilting position)
69.29 inch / 75.12 inch
Tub width outside (max.)
33.86 inch
Lowest entry height
19.29 inch
Working height
31.89 inch / 39.76 inch
Water drainage (liter/gal per min.)
75 l / 19.81 gal per min
771 lbs
Pre-filling volume (foot zone)
98 l / 25.89 gal

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

  • Group 1 compatible
  • Group 2 compatible
  • Group 3 compatible
  • Group 4 compatible
  • Group 5 compatible

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