AVERO Comfort

Height adjustable Care bath

The AVERO Comfort lifting tub fits perfectly into existing wellness and bathing concepts of care bathrooms. The special tub design of the AVERO Comfort, which is reflected both on the inside and on the outside finish, creates clear and soft shapes.

The modern, elegant and timeless tub shape fits unobtrusively in your new nursing bathroom and at the same time gives your residents, your staff and visitors the impression of a domestic surrounding.

Without compromising the beauty of the tub or the aesthetics of your nursing bathroom, this unique tub design enables the tub to be rotated and placed in the room in such a way that the resident can look freely around the room while bathing. This greatly enhances the feeling of wellbeing of the bather.

  • Easy operation by wired remote control
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • Domestic appearance
  • Ergonomic interior tub body for comfortable and safe bathing with and without hoist
  • Arm rests with grips for more comfort and safety
  • Scalding protection for hand shower and tub spout
  • Group 2 compatible
  • Group 3 compatible
  • Group 4 compatible
  • Group 5 compatible

BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

AR-Model AVERO Comfort

Use Augumented Reality to bring the AVERO Comfort into your care bathroom! The AR function provides a realistic impression of our products and allows you to view them in a real context. Please note that the AR design is a simplified representation of our products and colors, textures as well as details may differ from the product.

View in AR

Scan this QR-code to see the product in augmented reality.

Technical specifications

Overall dimension, incl. operation console
82.68 x 31.50 inch
Inside tub dimension (L x W x D)
69.69 x 22.64 x 15.75 inch
Lifting range
26.77 x 42.52 inch
Patient weight (max.)
551 lbs
SWL (max.)
881 lbs

Available options

  • Air-Relax system
  • Aroma system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Bluetooth music-sound system
  • Automatic tub filling
  • Bathtub shortener
  • Change of viewing direction
  • Emergency function in case of power failure
  • Special color according to RAL

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

  • Group 2 compatible
  • Group 3 compatible
  • Group 4 compatible
  • Group 5 compatible

You do not know what that means? Our mobility groups help planners and decision makers to determine the right technical aids for their residents and institutions. Find out more



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