Care solutions with uncompromising design excellence,
created with the needs of our users in mind.

Made in Germany

Welcome at BEKA

Our products and solutions are created in close collaboration with architects, nursing staff, planners and specialists in the nursing and medical sector – whereby we always focus on the people we want to support with our resources. We offer you the highest of quality standards and modern products.

Transform the bathing experience for your residents.

Care baths

The beautiful design of our Care bathtubs creates a unique feel-good atmosphere – our Care baths truly transform care environments. Great bathing comfort as well as an excellent handling through care staff are a matter of course.

Care bathtubs

Responsible towards carers and those in need of care.

Showering solutions

Our showering solutions provide safe and comfortable care for residents. Our range includes high-quality bathing and showering lifts, shower panels and shower trolleys. We understand that showering can be a sensitive topic for many residents, which is why we are committed to providing safe and comfortable solutions for a dignified showering experience, enhancing the overall well-being of residents.

Showering solutions

Transfer solutions

Mobility is an important resource for residents – our transfer solutions support safe and efficient patient transfers, whether it’s from bed to chair to bathing or to the toilet. Our offering includes premium sling lifts and stand-up aids to meet the needs of your facility and ensure the comfort and dignity of your patients.

Transfer solutions