SINA Comfort

Universal shower trolley

The SINA Comfort shower trolley can be used in a variety of ways, offering your resident optimal personal hygiene anytime. The SINA shower trolley offers the ideal way of giving residents of mobility group 4 and 5 a safe, comfortable and dignified shower. The transfer from bed to shower trolley takes place by moving it sidewards to the bed and using a transfer aid to move onto the shower trolley. The comfortable padded shower mattress offers a pleasant surface where the resident lies safely and easily. The high siderails provide protection against rolling off from the shower trolley.

The maintenance-free metal siderail hinges have been designed to withstand extreme weight and offer dependable safety for the residents and the staff. Electrical or hydraulic height adjustment options allow the trolley to be adjusted easily. It can also be used as a mobile changing table. This allows one space-saving device to provide changing and care possibilities as well as an excellent shower solution.

Available SINA Comfort models: SINA Comfort HYD 160; SINA Comfort HYD 200; SINA Comfort EL 160; SINA Comfort EL 200; SINA Comfort XXL

  • Very safe and stable shower solution
  • Allows a complete body wash
  • Stability ensures highest safety
  • Comfortable hygienic mattress
  • Multiple uses, even as a changing and care table
  • Special chassis allows easy moving
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 4 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 5 compatible

BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

Technical specifications

Length (by choice) SINA Comfort / Length SINA Comfort XXL
1.740 or 2.040 mm / 2.040 mm
Width SINA Comfort / SINA Comfort XXL
760 mm / 990 mm
SWL SINA Comfort / SINA Comfort XXL
165 kg / 250 kg
Power supply (electrical height adjustment) SINA Comfort / SINA Comfort XXL
24 V / 230 Volt

Available options

  • Additonal wall charging unit
  • Spare battery 24V

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 4 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 5 compatible

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