Combi bathing lifter

The SENTA PUR L bathing lift can be easily and quickly converted into a fully adequate stretcher lift by means of optional stretcher lift modules. By default, each seat is prepared in such a way that one single staff is able to plug in the side wings without effort. This provides you with the necessary flexibility that is required without having to resort to a second lift.

The seating area has a large care opening which can be closed with a cover if required. Flexibly applicable – also for transfer from the bed. Depending on your care routine, you can also pick up your resident from the bed with our showering and bathing lift directly.

The deep carrier frame allows to be passed underneath the care bed for easy transfer from the bed. Your resident can, of course, also sit down on the seat by himself. The carrier frame is formed in a way that this is possible without hindering the legs and heels.

  • Easy handling by a single staff
  • Electric height adjustment with emergency lowering device
  • Versatile system, applicable as seat or stretcher lifter
  • Fits in with any modern care tub
  • High level of safety by means of holding fixtures
  • Skin-friendly padding made of PUR material
  • Safe transfer to and from the tub
  • Easy self-entry
  • Service and disturbance display
  • Materials made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Secured, easy-to-move double castors
  • Manual keypad with visual display of the battery charge status
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 1 comp
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 2 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 3 compatible

BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

Technical specifications

Max. patient weight
150 kg
Lifting range
475 mm - 1.175 mm
Lifting power
700 mm
Dimensions ( L x W x H )
860 mm x 718 mm x 1.375 mm
Double castors (rear, with locking device)
Diameter 100 mm
Battery (removable)
24 V
Circuit break switch and emergency lowering system

Available options

  • Digital patient scale
  • Additonal wall charging unit
  • Spare battery 24V

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 1 comp
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 2 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 3 compatible

You do not know what that means? Our mobility groups help planners and decision makers to determine the right technical aids for their residents and institutions. Find out more



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