NORA Trend

Stand-up and raising lift

Our innovative stand-up aid NORA Trend was specially designed for residents who still have the ability to stand for a short time, with the help of support aids. NORA Trend is the ideal tool for transporting these residents without the back strain of the nursing staff in a safe and comfortable way.

The increase in mobility and the targeted activation of residents is nowadays part of every care guide. The NORA Trend offers the excellent opportunity to specifically mobilize your residents and to stabilize and improve the musculoskeletal system and thus the circulation.

  • Very easy to manoeuvre
  • Flexible and soft knee pads with safety belts
  • Electrically spreadable carrier frame
  • Can also be used for showering the seat area
  • No strain/damage to the spine of the nurse while transferring
  • Handling possible by a single nurse
  • Wide lifting range
  • Secured castors with two lockable ones
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Emergency lowering function
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 2 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 3 compatible

BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

Technical specifications

Max. weight of patient
200 kg
Min. lifting height
898 mm
Max. lifting height
1.726 mm
Total height
1.168 mm
Height of carrier frame
126 mm
External width of closed carrier frame
700 mm
Internal width of spread carrier frame
897 mm
24 V

Available options

  • Additonal wall charging unit
  • Spare battery 24V

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 2 compatible
  • BEKA Hospitec mobility group 3 compatible

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