BEKA Connect.

Keeping in touch

In an effort to stay connected to our partners and customers, we have launched a training and Support Platform, called BEKA Connect! In this time of social distancing and reduced personal visits, BEKA Connect is a great tool to connect us to you. If you have any questions, concerns, requests, please let us know. We are all on this path together and we need to stay connected and interactive!

We offer the following with BEKA Connect:

1. Video Series on our products
2. Live Video Training sessions on our products
3. Personal training sessions

Product demonstrations, tutorials, etc.

Live Video Training

We can offer a more in-depth product training both in the form of an official product presentation (powerpoint) as well as a live demonstration with questions and answers. The training details will be sent to you in advance, and you and your team will be able to log onto the Teams meeting and join us. This would be similar to a live demo at a customer site. If you are interested you can send us a message via the below contact form and we will schedule an appointment for you and your team!

Interested in a Live Training Session or Personal Training?

Get your team together and participate in a live session.

Contact us!