AVERO Motion E

Unique seat and tilting bathtub

Elegant design and unique function – Improve the mobility of your residents with the seat and tilting bathtub AVERO Motion E. The clear and soft shape of this tub reminds of modern, contemporary private bathrooms and perfectly fits in the existing wellness and bathing concept of your bathroom fittings.

The ergonomic tub interior body with its special back profile allows an optimum sitting and reclining position of the bather and in this way greatly enhances his well-being.

Note: Compatibility with Mobility Group 4 is only guaranteed in conjunction with CARLO or CARLO Air.

  • Adjusted sitting and lying profile for more safety to prevent slipping
  • Long inner profile for big residents also
  • Comfortable inner width for heavy residents
  • No edges in the door area = simple transfer with wheelchair
  • Large priming volume of 98 l = The resident can lie in warm water immediately after the tub is reclined
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BEKA mobility groups compatibility.

Technical specifications

Tub length (entry position / tilting position)
1.760 mm / 1.908 mm
Tub width outside (max.)
860 mm
Tub width inside (max.)
680 mm
Lowest entry height
490 mm
Working height
810/1.010 mm
Patient weight (max.)
220 kg
350 kg
Pre-filling volume (foot zone)
98 l

Available options

  • AirSpa system
  • Aroma system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Bluetooth music-sound system
  • Automatic tub filling
  • Disinfection system
  • Emergency function in case of power failure
  • Special color according to RAL

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

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You do not know what that means? Our mobility groups help planners and decision makers to determine the right technical aids for their residents and institutions. Find out more