AVERO Comfort Fix

Elegant fixed height tub

The AVERO Comfort Fix fixed height tub stands solidly in the room without fixation and can be freely accessed so that even in constricted spaces and in the narrowest of spaces, all modern care hoists available in the market can be used without any problems, regardless of the manufacturer. The size of the comfortable interior enables the patient to lie down comfortably and to bathe with or without hoist.

The specially adapted back shape of the tub body with its prominent arm rests makes for a harmonised interior tub form which allows for ergonomic lying comfort to the patient. AVERO Comfort Fix combines wellness and nursing perfectly and supports your nursing staff optimally in the daily care routine. The AVERO Comfort Fix tub is available as two models with either 650 mm or 750 mm working height.

  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Domestic and elegant appearance for a modern nursing bathroom
  • Ergonomic interior tub body for comfortable and safe bathing with and without hoist
  • Arm rests with grips for more comfort and safety
  • Scalding protection for hand shower and tub spout
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Technical specifications

Overall dimension
2.100 mm x 800 mm
Inside tub dimension (L x W x D)
1.770 mm x 575 mm x 400 mm
Working height
650 mm or 750 mm

Available options

  • AirSpa system
  • Aroma system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Bluetooth music-sound system
  • Automatic tub filling
  • Bathtub shortener
  • Change of viewing direction
  • Emergency function in case of power failure
  • Special color according to RAL

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

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