We want to take action

We are proud to offer Dementia Friends Sessions to raise awareness of the topic and understand people living with dementia better. With the knowledge a Dementia Friends session provides, we are able to take actions that improve the everyday lives of people affected by dementia.

  • What is a dementia friend?

    Someone who learns about dementia through a Dementia Friends session and is willing to take actions that improve the lives of people who are living with dementia. It doesn’t matter if these actions are big or small.

  • Why we became dementia friends.

    In addition to understand a large part of our product-users even better, we want to make sure that family, friends and everyone that might live with dementia can enjoy the best possible support in their day-to-day lives!

  • How to become a Dementia Friend yourself!

    Check for local organisations or inform yourself on the official Dementia Friends website. If you are interested in a session with us please contact us. It’s very easy to become a Dementia Friend and worth the effort!

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