Options care bathtubs

  • AirSpa system

    The AirSpa system offers a pleasant and stimulating effect. The pleasing sensation on the skin provides for relaxation and tranquillization, especially for agitated patients while stimulating the perfusion of the skin. The jets are specially protected to prevent bacterial contamination eliminating the need for an internal disinfection device.

  • Aroma system

    The integrated Aroma system allows the application of various scents, that together with the warm air from the Air-Relax system and the bathing water, offer a wonderful experience for the senses of your resident. The system is easy to operate and maintenance-free. This option is only available in combination with the Air-Relax system.

  • Colored-light system

    The colored-light system creates a relaxing and optically stimulating atmosphere for the well being of your resident. It is equipped with a free choice of colors as well as with an automatic sequence program for color changing.

  • Music-sound system

    By two oscillating special underwater speakers, integrated to the tub in the upper body zone, the vibrations of the music are transformed directly into the water and are transmitted to the resident. Thereby a sensible sound experience is generated, which has, according to the latest studies, a positive effect on the bathing person. An USB connection allows an individual choice of music according to your taste.

  • Bluetooth music-sound system

    While bathing, the residents can enjoy a relaxing and stimulating sound experience with the optional Bluetooth music-sound system. Connect your device via Bluetooth, and provide your individual music selection.

  • Automatic tub filling

    Take advantage of the option to fill the tub with an automatic filling stop to be able to pay full attention to the resident whilst the tub is being filled. You can set the filling level as you wish so that you can select the right amount of water adapted to the resident and the application. This saves time and energy costs and allows for the nursing staff to fully concentrate on the resident.

  • Bathtub shortener

    For insertion in the bathtub, in extra stable design, for a secure hold of the resident while bathing. In transparent design for use in conjunction with our light system.

  • Disinfection system

    The integrated disinfection system offers a maximum protection against cross infections and allows the application of suitable, approved, in-house surface disinfection concentrate fluids. The disinfection storage box, secured by a lockable cover, is placed in the carrier frame of the tub and can be easily exchanged.

  • Change of viewing direction

    Without compromising the beauty of the tub or the aesthetics of your nursing bathroom, this unique tub design enables the tub to be rotated and placed in the room in such a way that the resident can look freely around the room while bathing. This greatly enhances the feeling of wellbeing of the bather.

  • Emergency function in case of power failure

    A built-in battery provides power to the control unit even in the event of a power failure, so the up-down function is always guaranteed.

  • Special color according to RAL

    For a seamless integration into your bathroom concept: The color of the tub body can be chosen freely according to RAL and your taste.