Bathing in

Feel-good factor for residents.

The bathing of residents in long-term care facilities fulfills the hygiene requirements of the care-dependent patients. When the bathing process becomes a relaxing and safe routine for the resident, it effectively raises wellbeing and their quality of life. Our care bathtubs, bath hoists and other aids for the patient-care bath are exactly made for this: to increase the wellness factor for your residents.

Therapeutic Benefits of Wellness

More and more institutions are promoting bathing as a solution to increase the life quality of their residents. The feeling of well-being benefits health in a natural way. Bathing provides deep relaxation, promotes circulation and stimulates the senses. In order to optimally enjoy the various wellness options, residents should physically and mentally be able to fully relax. Our ergonomic Care baths provide unparalleled physical comfort. The elegant and domestic character of our baths gives the residents the feeling of being in a private and non-institutional environment.

Our exclusive wellness options

Colored-light system

The colored-light system creates a relaxing and optically
stimulating atmosphere for the well being of your resident.
It is equipped with a free choice of colors as well as with an
automatic sequence program for color changing.

Promote the sensitive perception

Airspa system

The Airspa system offers a pleasant and stimulating effect.
The pleasing sensation on the skin provides for relaxation
and tranquillization, especially for agitated patients while
stimulating the perfusion of the skin. The jets are specially
protected to prevent bacterial contamination eliminating the
need for an internal disinfection device.

Add a pleasent smell to the bathing experience

Aroma system

The integrated Aroma system allows the application of
various scents, that together with the warm air from the
Air-Relax system and the bathing water, offer a wonderful
experience for the senses of your resident. The system is
easy to operate and maintenance-free. This option is only
available in combination with the Air-Relax system.

Stimulate your residents with sound

Music-sound system

While bathing, the residents can enjoy a relaxing and
stimulating sound experience with the optional music sound
system. Connect your device via Bluetooth or USB, and
provide your individual music selection.