Body Line

Medical hydrotherapy bathtub

The special hydrotherapy tub Body Line is on both long sides shaped to the inside and therefore facilitates a comfortable performance for the staff. On the inside the tub impresses with its large torso space, a head recess, an ergonomically-shaped back rest as well as with its sidewise arm rests from top to bottom. At the leg area the inside space is reduced and therefore needs less water volume.

The Body-Line features a circumferential large tub rim with extended fitting plate and easy removable revision opening. Drainage and overflow fittings 1 ½”. High stability by 4 cast-in screw-sockets to the tub floor plate with anti-slip feet made out of aluminium for balancing floor roughness.

  • Outside paneling made out of acid- and base-resistant GRP-material
  • Ergonomically-shaped outside and inside paneling
  • Clearance height for free access with patient lifts
  • Options: Hydro-Jet-Whirl-device, adjustable tub-shortener, light therapy, sea water or sulfur, color by choice (RAL)

Technical specifications

Dimension ( L x W x H )
198 cm x 84,5 cm x 69 cm
Dimension tub inner ( L x W x H )
175 cm x 68 cm x 47 cm
240 l

Available options

  • Aroma system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Mineral-/Thermal-/Sulfate water mixer
  • PVC floor grid
  • Stair (one step)
  • Thermostatic mixer
  • Tub fill- and shower fittings
  • Air jet systems
  • Hydro jet systems