Hydro-air-jet foot bath

Therapeutic treatment Bath

The Hydro-air jet foot bath is the perfect solution for hydro-therapy of feet, ankle and calves. Completely made of shock- and acid-resistant GFK-material. The large single foot tub with leg separation offers perfect conditions for treatment of each leg. Thermostatic controlled fittings and thermometer for water inlet and hand shower are given. 16 adjustable hydro jets for surface and point treatment in the foot-leg- ankle area. Air adding via injector system by separate adjustable valve. The special pump of the hydro-air jet foot bath is suitable for normal and thermal water.

  • 16 single adjustable special-hydro jets
  • Ergonomical arrangement

Technical specifications

Dimension ( W x L x H )
880/750 mm x 890 mm x 550 mm
210 l / min
Suitable for thermal water
Electronic control panel