CARLO Trend, Classic 185

Loop Sling Hoist

The CARLO Trend is the ideal tool for safe and effortless lifting, repositioning and transferring of your residents who are limited in their mobility. The carrier frame and lifting is made out of hight quality aluminium and is very easy to manouevre. The 2-point sling spreader bar can be lowered to the floor, therefore the CARLO ECO is suitable to pick up fallen residents safely and easily. The hand control has a display with the battery charge status.

  • Carrier frame and lifting column made out of aluminium and steel
  • Extra light and easy to manoeuvre
  • No unsetting pendular or rotational movements during lifting and transferring
  • Can easily pass underneath both bath tubs and care beds
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Technical specifications

Carrier frame (length/height)
1.290 mm / 125 mm
Inner width (closed/spread)
540 mm / 1.040 mm
Outer width (closed/spread)
700 mm / 1.180 mm
Total width of the lift (carrier frame closed)
700 mm
Lifting range
1.400 mm
Max. patient weight
185 kg
185 kg

Available options

  • Spare battery 24V
  • Additonal wall charging unit
  • Digital patient scale

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

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