Fixed height tub with transfer seat

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The COMPACT fixed height care bathtub offers you and your residents the same range of options and advantages as the COMPACT plus bathtub, but without height adjustment. You can choose between a removable transfer chair or a fixed transfer chair and the lifting column on the right or left side and enjoy all wellness options. The COMPACT fixed height tub is available in lengths of 1,600 mm or 1,700 mm.

Benefits for residents and caregivers

  • Ergonomic bathtub that offers plenty of space
  • Integrated transfer seat for a safe and comfortable lift into the tub
  • Secure feeling while bathing

Technical specifications

Total length (by choice)
1.600 mm or 1.700 mm
Tub width (outside)
750 mm
SWL seat, incl. column
150 kg
Seat transfer height (COMPACT fixed height)
370 - 870 mm

Available options*

  • AirSpa system
  • Aroma system
  • Colored-light system
  • Music-sound system
  • Bluetooth music-sound system
  • Automatic tub filling
  • Emergency function in case of power failure

*More information about our options and accessories can be found here.

BEKA mobility groups compatibility

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