Large size tub UWM

Spacious hydrotherapy underwater massage Bath

This classical hydrotherapy tub fits perfectly for underwater massage treatments. Due to its large dimensions and a powerful underwater massage system (up to 4 bar), the bath tub yields excellent therapeutic results, both for therapist and the patient. The tub body is made of double walled heat-and-acid-resistant GRP-material (optionally STAINLESS STEEL). In order to enhance the bathing experience, the tub can be equipped with  10 or 20 hydro-jet-nozzles.

    Benefits for patient and therapist

  • Optimal positioning of the patient
  • Large volume for optimal underwater massage treatments
  • Rub body in acid-proof GRP-material
  • Smoothly accessible with lifts
  • High stability

Technical specifications

Dimensions UWM-200 ( L x W x D )
240 cm x 95 cm x 91 cm
Dimensions tub inner UWM-200 ( L x W x D )
200 cm x 82 cm x 60 cm
Capacity UWM-200
810 l